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Redeeming Love. God’s Love.


Rating: 10/5

Cover Art: 5/5 It is a picture of a woman in a burgundy dress and it makes so much more sense when you read further into the novel.

Age Limit: I’m going to say 16 and up. There is a lot of heavy material in this and it was hard for me to read some of it. It is definitely geared toward a more mature audience, but it will absolutely change your life.

Author: Francine Rivers

Little Sarah loved her mother. Only her mother loved Sarah’s father more. Alex Stafford was married and had kids of his own, but hated that he got this other girl pregnant years ago. He tried to get her to abort the baby, and if she knew Alex would leave her years later, she would have gladly given up her child. Sarah and her mother were poor and had to move next to the docks in New York, where her mother sold her body for a little extra money. She met a man, named Rab, who was willing to stick around and do the best he could to help out.

When Sarah’s mother died, Rab took her to a man named Duke, thinking that he was doing the little girl a favor. Little did he know, Duke wasn’t so nice and preferred little girls for his own pleasure and to eventually mold her into a prostitute. He named her Angel.

Fast forward several years. Angel is in California during the Gold Rush in 1850. She is employed at a brothel and the price is high for her because of her extreme beauty. Angel is hardened to the world around her and keeps her emotions in check after many practiced years of fearing Duke. One day, as she is walking through town on her weekly walk, a man named Michael Hosea sees her and knows that is who God wants him to marry. There is a long pursuit of her affections, but her heart is closed to love.

This is an amazing retelling of the story of Gomer and Hosea from the Bible. Michael is patient and never ceases to love Angel (or Mara, Amanda, or Tirzah…the many names he calls her because she won’t tell him her real name). He is ever in pursuit of her love and constantly tries to break down her walls that she has worked so hard to put up around her heart.

This is only scratching the surface of all that happens in this book. You can pretty much know all of this from reading the first five chapters (there are 34 plus an epilogue). This book will change your outlook on God’s redeeming love and how no one is too far from redemption. There isn’t a movie, yet. I hope hope hope that they will consider making one, because the story is amazing. There is a book trailer, though! Huzzah! If you have heard of any talks about a movie, please let me know in the comment section!

Happy reading everyone!

“The Printed Word: Readable – Usable – Recyclable – Sustainable – Biodegradable”


The Lucky One. Zac Efron included.


Rating: 5/5

Cover Art: 4/5 The reason I like this cover, is because it has the tree and the Ferris wheel that feature in the photo. The movie version of the book just has Logan and Beth kissing (i.e. not very original for Mr. NS.)

Age Limit: I would say 16 and over because there are some sex scenes and Nicholas Sparks isn’t really for a younger audience. But parents, like I have said in other reviews, use your discretion with your children. Know their maturity level.

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Not many people walk places anymore. Sure, there are still small towns you can walk to your local grocery store, but how about walking from Colorado to Hampton County, North Carolina? I’m talking no car, lugging a huge backpack and your only companion is a German shepherd named Zeus. Well, this is what Logan Thibault did. While serving a few tours in Iraq, Logan found a picture of a beautiful girl. When no one claimed the photo, he decided to take it himself. He didn’t understand why. All he knew was that she was in a place called Hampton, that she once had a German shepherd (his reason for getting one himself), and that on the back of the photo were the words, “Keep safe! E.” There wasn’t a lot to go on, but he knew he had to find her, because, after all, she had saved his life.

Beth, a single mother with a crazy lunatic for an ex-husband (my label, not hers), helped run her grandmother’s kennel part-time, while holding down a teaching job at the elementary school. She lives with her grandmother (Nana) and her son Ben. She was living a life of normalcy, when a longhaired man with a dog showed up at the kennel. Everything started to change. Her son immediately took to Thibault and Zeus (who was trained very well and could do incredible things). She slowly started trusting Logan and thought that he could be the one, until her ex showed up and try to ruin everything.

Keith Clayton (said ex-husband) is a manipulative, angry, womanizer that doesn’t want to be tied down, but doesn’t want her ex-wife to have any kind of dating life. He pretends that it is all because of their son, but you can easily see through his façade: he hates that his son isn’t very athletic, and makes him clean Keith’s house every other week. Don’t be fooled though. His true colors shine during the very climatic ending. I’m not going to spoil that for you now though.

The story is told through Logan’s, Beth’s, and Keith Clayton’s point-of-view. Every chapter is a little more to the story. As this was my first Nicholas Sparks novel, I was very pleased. I barely could put it down. I haven’t seen the movie yet (I plan to go this week), but I have heard from others who have read the book (and by watching the preview), they have changed a lot from the book. I absolutely loved this book and it has inspired me to pick up some more Nicholas Spark novels. Even though I told you that I wouldn’t spoil the ending for you, I will tell you this: I didn’t breathe while reading the Epilogue at the end. Did. Not. Breathe.

As always: the trailer

Happy reading everyone!

“The Printed Word: Readable – Usable – Recyclable – Sustainable – Biodegradable”